So Leigh Woolie Creations- Profile

What is the name of your business and what inspired the name?

My name is Mamasole Brown aged 38 years old. Growing up in Butha-Buthe, people close to me especially family and friends have always preferred to call me “So Leigh” short for ‘Mamasole. Therefore, the name became so popular that it felt like part of me that is why I named my business after me, So Leigh Woolie Creations.

What was the problem you were trying to solve?

During my studies at the National University of Lesotho, I discovered that there is a high rate of youth unemployment. So looked for loopholes in the market and came up with innovative solutions especially regarding recycling and handicrafts. From a tender, I have always loved handicrafts. My mother was a tailor, so from the off-cuts and other “useless” materials, I would often find them fascinating and began to create small collages.

My passion for handicrafts grew stronger as I got older; I learned how to use crochet, knitting needles, and sewing machine. I started sewing clothes, couch cushions, making hats, shoes out of wool, selling locally, and even exporting to Italy. With the success of wool handicrafts, I embarked on making household utensils such as jewelry boxes, pen & pencil cases, and dream catchers with recycled boxes, feathers, tree cuts, and leaves. The main goal was to create employment and train those with interest to start their own small-scale businesses.

Secondly, I love the environment and all it has to offer. In return, I feel like it is my responsibility to clean it up. With cleaning up, came the separation of waste which in turn became the source of capital for my recycling venture. I, therefore, use boxes and cover them with wool, bra wires to make dream catchers, and dried materials from the trees to make necklaces and decorations for my wool shoes. Plastic waste is also of high value in this business as well as tins. The income I am making comes as a bonus to my passion, indeed working from your passion pays.

What were the challenges that you have faced since the establishment of your business?

I have a challenge of getting a variety of wool colors, there is a very limited range sold in stores. Also, there are only a few people interested in crocheting or handicrafts in totality. But I am willing to train people who want to learn, they may come as individuals or a team.

Do you have any partners?

I have a very creative-thinking partner who is able to crochet other things that I am not able to make.

Are any challenges in working with the partners?

Sometimes they don't have the material to process the work. As there is a lack of job opportunities, they sometimes do not have money for transport or data for our meetings.

How would you encourage people to take part in sustaining the environment?

By encouraging them to recycle, for example, plastic bags and "sarasara" to make carpets, plastic bottles, and tins to make crochet vase covers.

Contact Details

Tell: +266 6720 4639


Facebook: So Leigh

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