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A man does not plant a tree for himself, he plants it for prosperity.


The benefits of planting trees is multifarious and range from having a beautiful environment to preventing global climate change. They are the primary source of food and they contribute significantly to the environment in many useful aspects. So, trees are vital resources for the survival of all living beings. Therefore, Governments world over and stakeholders are taking steps to prevent deforestation and propagate the benefits of planting trees.

Air & Atmosphere:

Trees breathe in Carbon dioxide and breathe out Oxygen. This cycle has been provided by nature to sustain other living beings. The primary resource of our survival is the oxygen that we breathe in. The oxygen received in our lungs is transported by red blood cells to the entire body for producing energy.

Further, the Carbon dioxide breathed in by the trees is one of the greenhouse gases. This and other greenhouses, when released into the atmosphere form a layer and trap the heat from the sun. They result in an increase in the atmospheric temperature. This harmful Global Warming and the eventual Climate Change affect the livelihood of all creatures on the earth. So, one of the primary benefits of planting trees is to get clean air for breathing and reduce the Greenhouse Effect.

Water & Soil:

Next to oxygen in the air, water is the next vital element that sustains living beings. Trees receive the rainwater and hold them in the land. This prevents clean water from flowing into stormwater drains. Further, they act as watersheds and hold the floodwaters for some time before slowly releasing them into the earth and atmosphere. So, they maintain the water table of an area and provide us with potable water.

Moreover, the root system of the trees holds the soil underground. They deter the topsoil from being washed away during rains and floods. Thus, the benefits of planting trees include the prevention of soil erosion, which reduces the dangers of landslides.

Biodiversity & Ecosystem:

Trees contribute to rich biodiversity and a healthy ecosystem. Birds, animals, insects, and fungi make their home in the trees and contribute to a diverse ecosystem. This balanced environment in turn contributes to the wellbeing of human beings. Trees are producers of food and are found at the bottom of the food chain. They produce their own food through photosynthesis and contribute significantly to the entire ecosystem. So, the benefits of planting trees include the fruits and nuts that we obtain from them. They are highly nutritious and good for food. Further, trees are a rich source of medicines that could heal our diseases in a natural way.

Health & Wealth:

Apart from providing clean air, water, and food, the benefits of planting trees are significant in their contribution to the mental health of human beings. Their greenery and freshness act as stress busters to release the human mind. Thus, the benefits of planting trees finds a place in the creation of positive vibration in the atmosphere. The trees on the highways provide a soothing effect to the riders. They act as shields for residences and commercial establishments on busy roads.

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