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Climate Change is still a global threat; the good news is, you can be the solution today!!!

Climate change refers to the change in the environmental conditions of the earth. This happens due to many internal and external factors. Climatic change has become a global concern over the last few decades. Besides, these climatic changes affect life on the earth in various ways. These climatic changes are having various impacts on the ecosystem and ecology. Due to these changes, a number of species of plants and animals have gone extinct. When Did it Start? The climate sta

Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant. - Robert Louis Stevens

The benefits of planting trees are immeasurable. Plants and trees are the major reasons why the earth is still in existence and we are still able to dwell on it. Plants and trees provide us with the oxygen we need for survival. Apart from basically keeping us alive, there are many other little and big benefits we get from planting trees. There are a lot of merits of tree planting; a few of these benefits are the provision of shelter and food for the birds and other animals, t

A man does not plant a tree for himself, he plants it for prosperity.

Introduction: The benefits of planting trees is multifarious and range from having a beautiful environment to preventing global climate change. They are the primary source of food and they contribute significantly to the environment in many useful aspects. So, trees are vital resources for the survival of all living beings. Therefore, Governments world over and stakeholders are taking steps to prevent deforestation and propagate the benefits of planting trees. Air & Atmospher

Invest in your green gold, put deforestation on hold.

Have you ever thought about how important forests are in life? The trees in your surrounding seem unimportant as you go about daily life, acknowledging them only as of the scenery and background in your life. But if you think about it, trees are everywhere in life. Your furniture, the paper you write on, the fruit you eat, even the air you breathe comes from trees. We, as consumers rely heavily on trees and forests as resources, but forests are shrinking instead of growing, a

Believe it or not, DHL has gone GREEN!!!

What is the name of your business and what inspired the name? DHL is the global market leader for Logistics. The Deutsch Post and DHL brands stand for a wide range of easily accessible services and sustainable solutions for the transport of letters, goods and information. DHL delivers tile – critical shipments as well as goods and merchandise by road, rail, air, and sea. Our gateway covers over 220 countries and territories. The main purpose of DHL is; connecting people, impr

Environmental Justice

Introduction Environmental Justice is the fair treatment and meaningful involvement of all people regardless of race, color, national origin, culture, education, or income with respect to the development, implementation, and enforcement of environmental laws, regulations, and policies. It is concerned with the fair distribution amongst social groups of environmental quality. Fair treatment means no group of people should bear a disproportionate share of the negative environme

Why biodiversity matters for Climate Change

Studies show that biodiversity is the sum total of life on Earth. It includes every individual living being, from the tiniest mosses to the largest whales, and the resulting benefits produced by this web of life. Earth’s climate patterns are, in part, a direct consequence of its biodiversity. Why biodiversity is important Biodiversity, the diversity of life on Earth is essential to the healthy functioning of ecosystems. Habit loss and overexploitation, driven by our rapid pop

Recycle and Save the Planet!!

Recycling is the process of collecting and processing materials that would otherwise be thrown away as trash and turning them into new products. Recycling has been proven to reduce the effects of deteriorating quality of soil, and preservation of the eco-system. Following are the benefits of recycling elaborated. It protects the environment and wildlife When we recycle, we lessen disruption to the natural environment. When we cut down fewer trees and forests, we are preventin

Profile: Tšehla Kata-Twostrong Waste Management Services

Tšehla Kata, also known as “Ralitoti” is a 24-year-old male entrepreneur whose dream has always been environmental sustainability. He is very intrigued by a healthy and clean environment and he has decided to turn his passion into profit. He started his waste management business in March 2021, as a response to the prevailing littering that Basotho possesses. It also came as a way of surviving mechanism in the trying times of covid-19 whereby many people globally struggled wit

Changing the Mindset

Introduction Studies show that humans are mostly reluctant to change because it breeds uncertainty and behavioral change. Furthermore, it shows that young people and women are more open to change than men. However, this article aims to inspire and encourage all citizens in different social classifications and ages to consciously improve their behavior towards the environment they live in. Any change starts with a change of mindset hence it is important to provide enough infor

Moshoeshoe Walks Keeps Lesotho Clean

This year the organizers of the annual Moshoeshoe Walk (Menkhoaneng to Thaba Bosiu) are committed to ensuring that the walk is environmentally-friendly. Be on the lookout for the #keeplesothoclean logo during the walk. Wishing everyone an amazing trek in the footsteps of the founders of the nation. #moshoeshoe#lesotho #keeplesothoclean

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