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Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant. - Robert Louis Stevens

The benefits of planting trees are immeasurable. Plants and trees are the major reasons why the earth is still in existence and we are still able to dwell on it. Plants and trees provide us with the oxygen we need for survival. Apart from basically keeping us alive, there are many other little and big benefits we get from planting trees.

There are a lot of merits of tree planting; a few of these benefits are the provision of shelter and food for the birds and other animals, the absorption of the harmful gases polluting the environment, and also serving as shade from the sun and when it is hot. Trees give economic, social, and environmental benefits. This is why environmental specialists and the government always talk about the need to plant more trees. Some of the many benefits of tree planting would be discussed here.

Most of the benefits of planting trees are widely known to everyone. Trees take in carbon dioxide and give out oxygen so that the balance of ecology in and around the environment can be maintained. Trees also help in absorbing most if not all of the gases that are harmful and present us with pure and very fresh air for the purpose of breathing. It can be seen that the planting of more trees will mean an even purer and fresher atmosphere. Even though the exponentially increasing pollution of our environment can barely be controlled, the effects of pollution can be reduced by the planting of more trees.

The areas and regions that have a higher population of trees are always way cooler when compared to places where there are little or no trees. Trees also serve as a form of a protective sheet that shields us from the extremely harmful effects of ultraviolet rays.

Trees are habitats for a lot of animals most especially birds and some other animal species. Trees are also major food sources for all living creatures from human beings to animals, fruits, flowers and the leaves of various trees are consumable; planting trees means we have a supply of shelter and food.

Trees can also help in the control of water pollution and battling soil erosion. What trees do is hold the soil firmly together and slow the runoff of water down. It is important to talk about the social benefits of planting trees. The urbanization and the shift from nature due to the technology around us have not been good for us. Therefore, the planting of more trees is a good method of reconnecting and getting close to nature. The planting of trees in rows in parks and garden in cities and towns serve as a suitable location for people to meet and socialize. Parks can be useful to people for evening strolls, morning walks, and even yoga sessions. It is a very good place for the children to socialize and play.

There is also the opportunity for a variety of recreational activities. Forests and reserves can also be used for activities like hunting and hiking. Our moods can be uplifted by a good and soothing environment and trees are important in doing that. With all of the stress of work and life these days, it is necessary that we find things that help lift our mood and the way of getting rid of stress and lifting our mood is through nature. Trees are believed to have extraordinary healing properties, some researchers have said that a patient that looks at plants and trees from their windows is prone to heal a lot faster.

Like the social benefits of planting trees, there are also associated economic benefits of planting trees. Trees can be used as wood that is employed in the building and construction of a lot of things like stationery items, houses, furniture, boats and so many more. Trees can also provide resin, fiber, tannins, rubber, honey, and many more. As the number of trees we plant increases, so also the number of ways we can use the tree increases. There would also be an increase in the number of factories required to build these things which subsequently means a lot more people will be employed and there will be more businesses around which helps boosts economic development and prosperity.

The benefits of planting trees are immeasurable and quite enormous but we still find ways to overlook them and play down their importance. It is essential that we come to realize how extremely important and beneficial the planting of trees is to our environment. KLC still urges Basotho to keep Lesotho clean in any way possible.

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