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Nebulart Recycling Profile

Nebulart Recycling Group is a company founded by Madane Bataung (30), Morakane Semoko (29), Makara Marekimane (28), and Theletsa Mpholle (29) in 2016.

What is the name of the group and what inspired it?

The name of the company is Nebulart and it was inspired by a " Nebula" in the universe called Orion’s. Nebula where old burned-out stars are recycled into new brighter stars.

What problems were you trying to solve?

a) Landfilling

b) Littering c) Throw-away mindset Basotho have

d) Climate change e) Unemployment f) Lack of innovative waste management

What have you achieved so far?

a) Establishing collection of recyclable waste from schools and communities. b) Educating children and people about waste management and its importance

c) Establishing a plastic recycling workshop d) Partnering with UNDP on a plastic waste management project e) Inspired Basotho to take an active role in recycling and waste management.

What were the challenges that you have faced since the establishment of your business?

a) Environmental and waste management were not being practiced by Basotho b) Basotho are unfamiliar with proper waste management techniques or their importance

c) Lack of support from governing bodies. d) Acquiring machinery that recycles waste is not easy and is costly.

e) There are no local suppliers of waste processing machinery.

What partnerships have you made?

a) UNDP Lesotho

b) The Hub Morija c) SOS children’s village

d) RISE International e) Communities

f) Schools

Challenges of working with them

a) Practicing Waste sorting and segregation is a challenge.

How would you encourage people to take part in sustaining the environment?

Basotho need to start practicing these 7 ‘R’s of waste management

1. RETHINK - your choices

2. REFUSE single-use

3. REDUCE consumption

4. REUSE - everything

5. REFURBISH - old stuff

6. REPAIR - before you replace

7. REPURPOSE be creative, reinvent

8. RECYCLEwith local recycling companies

You can contact Nebulart on:

Facebook: Nebulart Recycling Group



Tel: 6383 3015 /59693702

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