Green is the new fun, HICA-TRI Club does it better!!!

What is the name of your organization and what inspired the name?

The organization is called HICA-TRI (Hiking, Camping, and Tree-planting(TRI for the 3 elements but we pronounce it TREE for trees ))CLUB. My wife and I wanted to have a unique outdoor club not just for exploring nature but also to give back to the environment we explore. We were inspired by the need to protect the environment and teach others the importance of sustainable living.

Our Values:

1. We are explorers We share our love of hiking, camping. We achieve our mission through uniting the diverse outdoor community.

2. Hiking and camping matters We believe in explorers’ transformative power: it boosts mental and physical health, engenders respect for ourselves and our surroundings, and creates and strengthens a sense of community.

3. Trails and campsites are for everyone We believe that everyone should feel welcome as a hiker on all trails and camper on sites. Both offer low-threshold access to a positive outdoor social activity available to all.

4. We share the wild We collaborate with partners that complement our strengths and weaknesses, rather than competing. We convene, amplify, and lead, rather than direct.

5. Exploring and tree planting inspire sustainability. We protect the places we love because the outdoors directly engages explorers with their surroundings, they invite deeper personal connections with that land, leading to a commitment to care and advocate for its health and preservation.

What was the problem you were trying to solve?

We are trying to educate others on the importance of environmental conservation while enjoying outdoor activities. Responsible for hiking and camping and also planting more trees. The need to plant trees every day to protect soil erosion and curb misuse of flora and fauna.

Our Mission:

To empower all communities to enjoy, share, and preserve the hiking, camping, and tree planting experience. Conservation through recreation. As a national conservation-based recreation club, we work in partnership to build, maintain and protect outdoor spaces and their natural corridors so that current and future generations can experience the many joys and benefits of hiking, camping, and tree planting, and are inspired to protect this legacy.

What we do:

1. We hike to any space reachable while still exercising caution not to injure ourselves and to damage the environments we love.

2. We camp and engage in vast camping activities bearing in mind to keep the area free of flammable debris to avoid flash fires.

3. We have seen and learned that our beloved country is left bare due to excessive cutting down of trees for commercial use like barbecue businesses, resell of packaged logs without any trees being planted back.

4. Our activities are conducted as part of an overall community-based sustainable development strategy to ensure success.

5. By revolutionizing large-scale tree planting we tackle widespread drought, desertification, and extinction of animal populations.

6. We engage women and youth as a key part of all our projects at the community level. As such, we incorporated tree planting, awareness, and sustainability education in our Hica-tri club (hiking camping, and tree- planting) in pursuit to involve all masses to foster tree love and education and to curb the unconstitutional practices of chopping down trees and planting none. All living beings breathe trees and all trees and grass and soil and rocks need our love and care

What have you achieved so far?

We have only managed to plant a handful of trees at Maloraneng Morija and Ribaneng Mafeteng.

What were the challenges that you have faced since the establishment of your business?

We are faced with shortages of free trees from the Ministry of Forestry particularly at the district level and not being able to find such with ease because we are not a registered organization yet.

What partnerships have you made?

We have established a partnership with Ribaneng Lodge to host an annual tree planting event in the area. We are working with BuyLesotho an organization that promotes Basotho business an equivalent of South Africa's Proudly South African items.

What are the challenges of working with them?

The only challenge so far is getting trees from the government as district nurseries are not too effective with tree stocks and not being a registered company.

How would you encourage people to take part in sustaining the environment?

Education in environmental conservation and engaging in sustainable practices while having fun is a way to go. Every day is an opportunity to plant a tree. We believe engaging in practical workshops at schools, work, and events levels will raise awareness to protect our only mother earth. Again the nation at large must go back to having a tree-planting holiday or a special day each month to plant trees. To encourage explorers to engage in responsible living, each hike or camp must have a tree planting session.

Contact Details:

Cell: (266) 685 84784

Home: (266) 597 03233


Address: Lerotholi Polytechnic campus Maseru, Lesotho

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