Profile: Pheha Plastics

Pheha Plastic is a not-for-profit plastic recycling company and environmental awareness center situated in Morija Ha Ranthamane and their aim is to promote climate activism in Lesotho and drive a culture of the green and circular economy. The Director, Limpho Thoahlane had exposure to using plastic to make reusable items, she has been attending climate change workshops that gave her even more enthusiasm to be involved in plastic activities and started to actively talk about it on social media. Opportunities emerged and she partnered with other people and got resources, purchased machines for recycling and Pheha Plastic was born. The goal is not to make a profit but to educate and bring awareness.

“Mondays at Pheha Plastic are usually for meetings with the team and visits from other organisations. Our days start by writing down our daily activities, goals for the day, and matters that need special attention. Then turn on the music and everyone goes to their workstation where we use three machines made by Plastic Prenuer” Limpho says.

Normally in the afternoons, kids and the public bring plastics to be recycled and we offer plastic waste and recycling awareness sessions, then create new products.

Pheha Plastic has the biggest impact on kids, they now have some understanding of the different types of plastics and their importance, the older kids are slowly coming by and there is a need for more effort in spreading awareness. Some are very excited to see the work we do and offer their services.

The director, Limpho encourages youth and the public to be involved in recycling activities and says, “You do not need a degree to care about the environment, use the internet to learn where possible, volunteer your time and create networks''. They hope that in the long run they will have proper waste management infrastructure in Morija and Lesotho, inspire a lot of more recyclers not just recycling plastic. As well as having the government developing national policies on recycling and laws on littering.

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